3 Perfect Gifts For A Book Loving Friend

What is the perfect gift? A book, of course, but that isn’t the only present that a book-loving friend will just love to receive. Reading books isn’t a hobby; it’s a way of life, so it’s always nice to fill your home with things that remind you of the great books you’ve read, or that are related to the act of reading itself. Why wait until Thanksgiving, the holidays or a birthday to show a special friend just how much they mean to you? Here are three inexpensive yet beautiful gifts that will put a smile on the face of a book-loving friend, and what better reason for gift giving could there be?

Reading Lamp

Reading is enjoyable at any time, but, let’s face it, there’s something extra special about lying in bed reading at night, snuggled up beneath the duvet as the words work their magic. That’s why a reading lamp is so important, providing just enough light to see the pages by, without flooding the room with light and ruining your chances of getting off to sleep when you put the book down. Lamps come in all sizes and forms, but if you want to push the boat out a little for a special present, there is nothing better than a superior quality reading lamp created to give extra clarity to the words. These high definition lamps can also reduce eye strain, allowing the owner of them to read for longer in complete comfort.

Book Themed Candles

Whilst a good lamp is essential for night reading, candles can also add to the ambiance, creating the perfect atmosphere in which to get lost in a chapter or two. Scented candles are a treat for all the senses, and there’s a huge range to choose from, but for a themed gift that won’t break the bank, it’s hard to beat the bookish candles from the candle experts Frostbeard Studio. These soy candles have been specially formulated to evoke the feelings associated with great books, with the bookstore candle, for example, evoking that most magical scent of a treasure trove of novels waiting to be explored.

Bookish Jewelry

Jewelry can be grand and expensive, but sometimes it’s best when it’s small and personal. Thanks to book lover websites, and crafters on sites such as Etsy, you can now find unique, hand-crafted jewelry based upon much-loved characters. Whether your friend loves Harry Potter or Jane Austen, you’re sure to be able to find rings, necklaces, and pendants that are based upon the words and imagery within the books. Wearing book-themed jewelry is a way of carrying your favorite books and authors around with you, and signaling to others how much books really mean to you.

High-definition lamps, book-themed candles, and bookish jewelry are just three of the gifts that the book lovers in your life will adore. There’s a book-related gift to suit every occasion and every budget, and whether your present is big or small it’s sure to be appreciated because it comes wrapped in love.

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