3 Fantastic Gifts Which Are Perfect For Millennials

Finding the perfect gift for the people in your life can be a tricky task, as you want to get something that they will really love and enjoy. Some people have a natural knack for buying great gifts, but the rest of us often need to seek out a little bit of inspiration to help us out.

With that in mind, we thought we’d do a little roundup of some fantastic gift ideas for the millennial in your life, whether that’s a friend, family member or colleague.

Whether you are a fellow millennial yourself, or just trying to wrap your head around what makes them tick, this list should give you some great ideas that they’ll be sure to love.

A really cool phone case

Millennials are famously glued to their smartphones these days, and whether you understand it or not, it cannot be denied that this generation spends the vast majority of their time with their phone within reach or sight. So why not get them a phone related gift? You can’t really go wrong as you already know that it’s something they’ll use.

These personalised phone cases from Stringberry really stand out from the crowd. They have collections from amazing artists such as Polly Nor, Angelica Hicks, Camille Walala, Supermundane and many more, and they’re also fantastic quality.

Not only will they protect your phone from accidents, but they look really cool and make a bit of a fashion statement.

A smartphone lens

As much as millennials love to spend time staring at their phones, they are equally keen on creating content for Instagram. From sassy boomerangs on nights out to impressive landscape photography, most millennials these days have a keen eye for what makes a good photo.

If the millennial in your life is hooked on the ‘gram, then a smartphone lens would make a really great gift. The cameras on smartphones are pretty impressive pieces of kit these days, but what they lack is the ability to switch lenses to get different kinds of shots.

These lens kits from Olloclip solve that issue, by simply clipping onto your phone and giving you the ability to get those professional looking shots that couldn’t be achieved with the phone on its own.

A game for meme-lovers

If there’s one thing millennials love, it’s memes. There is a meme for every occasion, and while the world is a difficult place to live in at times, at least we can find the humour in the day to day.

While baby boomers blame them for everything and poke holes in their penchant for avocado on toast, they get to have the last laugh by turning it into light-hearted sharable comedy.

And now you can turn sharing memes into a group activity at your next party with the What Do You Meme? card game. Think cards against humanity, but for memes. This would make the perfect gift for that one friend who always shares fire memes and makes you laugh on Facebook every day, or just anybody young and fun.

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