3 Fantastic Gifts For That Hard-To-Buy-For Foodie

We’ve all been there; there’s a special occasion coming up, be it a birthday, anniversary or other momentous date. You’re needing to buy that special person in your life a gift but haven’t a clue what to go for.

Well if they’re a foodie – that being one who loves to not only consume, but cook their own food – you’re in luck! We’ve got a great roundup of suggestions which are maybe a little outside of those things you’d usually think of but which make the perfect gift!

To note, these suggestions are all a little bit at the upper end of budget ranges, but there’s nothing wrong with spoiling your favourite foodie is there?

Global Knives 5 Piece Knife Set

There’s one thing which no foodie should be without; a quality knife set!

There’s a common misconception that there’s little difference between a ‘cheap’ and an ‘expensive’ knife set but you really do get what you pay for. A quality set should last years and it’s important that every foodie owns one which includes enough different knives to ensures they’re fully equipped in the kitchen.

When it comes to quality knives, you simply cannot beat those from Global and we’re huge fans of this 5 piece set available at Kitchen Knives. It’s an absolute steal and will last a lifetime; just don’t forget to ensure the recipient also owns a sharpener! Of course, that’s another little gift you could buy them.

Fully recommended from ourselves and this is the best price you’ll find in the UK!

Spherificator Kit

You’re probably wondering what a spherificator is and we wouldn’t judge you for doing so! We didn’t know what one was until a few weeks ago!

To put it simply, the spherificator kit, priced at a very affordable £99, is the world’s first automatic pearl making device; one which allows you to produce up to 10kg if pearls every day.

Easily and simply you can use this device to produce caviar-like pearls to add a real extra dimension to your dishes. Perfect for chefs, home foodies and bartenders alike; we can guarantee they’ll have fun with this piece of kit!

How far can your imagination go? Create caviar-like balls in almost any flavour, sauce or topping and impress friends, family and guests!

An amazingly priced gift which we’re sure will go down a real storm!

Portable Gourmet BBQ Pizza Oven

Who doesn’t love a good BBQ in the summer? Who also doesn’t love a good pizza?

If this sounds like your favourite foodie, why not treat them to a BBQ pizza oven? They’ll be able to cook their delicious homemade pizzas on top of their BBQ – a real tasty treat which we’d strongly recommend!

It takes between 2 and 4 minutes to cook a pizza on the BBQ; far quicker than in the oven, and they can be cooked either on charcoal or gas! The pizza oven also arrives fully assembled; always a plus point!

At just £63.99, you can’t go wrong and it’s bound to get you in their good books (and hopefully get you a pizza too!!).

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