To Tintin, With Love : A Letter from a Reader




 A letter usually starts by asking about the receiver’s health. But I would not do so. This is  because you have been immortalized in our minds and hearts for decades.  Many of us who have read and re-read your series, would tell you  that our childhood was incomplete without “Tintin  and his friends.”

Your action packed adventures with Snowy  just made our day. One cannot miss the “whisky loving” yet kind-hearted Captain Haddock with his endless list of curses. I often wonder where he conjured them out of. but they were suitable enough to publish a dictionary of sorts. Calculus never failed to amaze us with his comic replies as a result of his “little hard of hearing “in one ear. Sometimes I do wonder if he did find anything “more to the West” cause I could never.

Those “precisely dumb” Siamese Twins must have been  lucky to have found such important cases . I wonder how they got into the profession of detecting! Last but not the least – The Milanese Nightingale. She came up at the weirdest of all places like a gale accompanied by “her jewels”. I just can’t help imagine the Captain’s reactions, if ever, by chance, she took his correct name instead of addressing him as “hopscotch, maggot, padlock “and what not. In mentioning the names of your friends it would be unfair if I miss out on your young friend Chang;Senor Oliveira de Figuera  the salesman with the ability to make you purchase anything under the sun and General Alcazar.

You have had a fair share of enemies too-from Colonel Esponz or Rastapopulus with Captain’s first mate Allan. Even though they have given you a tough fight, you have succeeded in making them fail in their evil plans.

Personally speaking, after failed attempts to improve my science scores  you inspired me to take up journalism.  Many have asked me why this profession and today I confess that it was you who played a major part in helping me take this decision. I want to live a life of adventure, action- packed and full of mysteries- just like you. Also, I want to keep a dog and name him Snowy (this part is still undecided as my mother is against dogs).

I wish you would have had more adventures. When I was young, I thought these twenty plus adventures were quite a lot to digest. But today, after years of understanding each and every book and character I find this number too less. I would not say that your adventures end here, because often I have come across other books and titles in the market but opening those books and seeing a not-so-satisfying sketch of my favourite characters discouraged me to even try and read them.

 You grow older year after year.  But every time I see a child holding one of your books I know that the child would experience the same joy and happiness that many like me enjoyed in their childhood. You have been a mandatory read for generations before us and will continue to be so for generations after us- probably till the Earth itself withers away.

So, once again, Tintin  a big Thank You for making our childhood better and I hope that in time to come you will continue to do so with the children of the next generation.

With Love,


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