21 Things To Do Before You’re 21

Ever wonder what to do before you 21? Here we have broken it all down for you.

  • Revisit your favorite childhood place.


Did you move away? Stop going to your favorite park? Revisit places from your childhood on your own. Look at your surroundings. Think about how much everyone, everything has grown.

  • Go to party and get (safely) WASTED.


Go out with your friends and get smashed. Have fun with it. Take a disposable camera and capture the night.

  • Reread an old book series that you love.


Were you a Potterhead? Twihard? Did you run into your school library and grab all the Goosebumps books? Read them and remember being captured by the magic.

  • Go on a hike.


Get outside. Explore. It’s a great way to see mother nature and get some exercise as well. You might even fall in love with it.

  • Get your palm read


Might be a little creepy, might be the time of your life.

  • Camp out for a concert


There is nothing I love/hate more than arriving at a venue at 8pm the night before a show and camping out. It’s tiring, annoying but amazing when you’re barricade to see your favorite musician.

  • Wear something you’ve always wanted to


I did glitter brows & I never felt so cute!

  • Pull an all-nighter


All-nighters are wild. But, sometimes college requires you have some of these. Stock up on caffeine and loads of snacks.

  • Write REAL ACTUAL SNAIL MAIL letters


A forgotten form of communication but one of my favorites. They feel so personal, but also nostalgic.

  • Send a care package


Have a best friend away in college? In the military? An internet friend? Send them candy, local postcards, maybe even a mixed CD.

  • Sneak into a bar or club


I guess anyone outside the US gets to go at 18. So, go before you’re legally allowed to! Get a fake ID, use an older sister’s. This always makes a good story.

  • Make some playlists


I can’t stress this enough! Make one for rainy days, one for sad days, one for a road trip, etc.

  • Learn how to cook one great meal


All you need is one solid meal. Live your life on ramen but make sure you have one amazing meal you can whip up for guests!

  • Make a resume


This is probably boring, lame & confusing.. BUT necessary. Just get it out of the way and continue to build it as you go.

  • Start a morning and night routine


This means having a face wash, exfoliating, taking a bath, hair treatments. Do what you need to do to feel good.

  • Organize your closet


Another boring but life saving one. Do it by color, type of clothing, whatever floats your boat. Just do it.

  • Go on a roadtrip


Make that killer playlist, get some road snacks and just have the best time with your friends with the windows down on the freeway.

  • Ask someone out


This is probably the hardest one on the list. It’s as simple as asking a cute guy or girl out to coffee!

  • Get a part-time job!!!!


I can’t stress this enough! Get a job for a summer, learn the value of money. If the president’s daughter can, so can you.

  • Be a tourist in your own city.


You might be annoyed by them but hey, if everyone travels miles to see where you live, it has to be cool, right?

  • Start writing


It can be as simple as a journal, a blog, poetry, music, news, just get your feelings out.

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