21 Effective Ways to Control Your Alcohol Intake

Anyone who drinks in excess knows when they’re overdoing it, whether it’s taking a couple of extra beers with friends on the weekend or ending a tiring and stressful day with a glass of wine. Whatever the reason, most people tend to drink more alcohol every week than they should.

Alcohol is often an integral part of social events—but everyone needs to curtail drinking sooner or later for different reasons. If you’re struggling to curtail your alcohol intake, here are 21 tips that will make it much easier for you to drink less and live better.

  1. Start writing down how much you drink every day. You’ll be astonished at the amount of alcohol you’re consuming when you look at it written in black and white. It will also motivate you to take action.
  2. Stop drinking when you’re really hungry. Eat before drinking as it not only curbs the amount of alcohol you consume but also slows down the absorption of alcohol in your body.
  3. Fix alcohol-free days every week. Cultivate the habit of not drinking when you’re alone.
  4. Stock your fridge with nonalcoholic beverages, such as sparkling water and fruit juices. Make a fruit smoothie or iced tea instead of grabbing a beer.
  5. Stop using alcohol as a stress-buster. Don’t resort to drinking after a stressful day at work or after an altercation with a loved one. You’re likely to drink more after such events.
  6. Don’t spend your evenings alone at home if you know you’ll be tempted to drink. Instead, go out for a walk, meet a friend (who doesn’t drink), hit the gym, go for a swim, go to a restaurant or catch a movie.
  7. Drink two full glasses of water before drinking. This is a wonderful trick to control your drinking as it makes you feel full, quenches your thirst and helps you avoid gulping down beer after beer.
  8. When out with buddies, take breaks from drinking by going to the dance floor, going away to make a phone call, playing a game of pool or striking a conversation with a stranger.
  9. Don’t give in to peer pressure. Practice saying no when forced to take another drink, and watch out for drinking companions who compel you to drink more.
  10. Set the quantity you’ll drink at each drinking session. Stick to your personal limit despite what others at the party are doing.
  11. Watch out for the holidays and family events where alcohol flows freely. Brace yourself to face loved ones who’ll insist you be a sport and drink more. The best way to manage such situations is to politely yet firmly refuse drinks once you’ve consumed your preset limit.
  12. Write down the motivating factors that compelled you to curtail your alcohol consumption. Post these at different locations in your home and on your work desk.
  13. Your strong craving for alcohol could be resulting from a suppressed emotional problem waiting to be addressed. A regression therapy session with an experienced therapist can help you dig deep into your past and resolve deep-rooted fear, anger or anxiety.
  14. Skip the shout. It may be exciting and save you a few bucks, but it will come in the way of your goals. Once you start avoiding the shouts, you’ll end up drinking way less on each trip to the bar.
  15. Choose drinks with low alcohol content.
  16. Drive to parties. This way you’ll know you can’t drink yourself silly as you need to drive back home.
  17. Share your goals with friends and family. This way they’ll know how hard you’re working to cut down on alcohol and will be forthcoming to support you in your efforts.
  18. When having dinner, don’t place wine on the table. Replace it with a pitcher of flavored water (just add a few drops of lime juice, mint leaves, or a few slices of your favorite fruit to plain water).
  19. Note down how much you spend on drinking each week and every month. Simply knowing the sheer amount of money you’re spending on alcohol could help you curb your intake.
  20. Cut down on your trips to the bar. Suggest alternative meeting places to your buddies, such as the waterfront or someone’s home or an eatery that doesn’t serve alcohol.
  21. Spend more time outdoors. The more you engage your body and mind in outdoor activities, the less time and money you’ll end up spending on alcohol.

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