20+ RuPaul’s Drag Race Gifs You Need In Your Life

Everybody has that person who will text you something ridiculous and the only way you can respond is with a gif. We have 20+ RuPaul’s Drag Race gifs for that special occasion (or any other occasion where you’re feeling sassy).

1. NO

2. B*tch, Please

3. Bye

4. Don’t

5. The Shade

6. 5 G’s

7. Shut Up

8. Eye Roll

9. Sass

10. Calm

11. Stupid

12. Girl

13. You’re Welcome

14. What’s Going On

15. Stare Down

rupaul and pearl stare gif

16. Very Attacked

laganja i'm very attacked right now gif

17. Drop-Dead Gorgeous

alyssa i don't get cute gif

18. Don’t Get Bitter

19. Get A Grip

20. Blocked

21. Chicago

22. Straw Sipping

23. Hair Flips

24. Best Friend Race

25. Take That

26. Bullsh*t

27. Don’t F*ck It Up

28. How This Turns Out

29. I Do Sassy

30. All Tea

31. Gay It Up

32. Please Stop

33. Judging You

Do you have any gifs you think we missed? Tweet us at @Fuzzable and let us know! We would love to know your opinions and also get to know all of your favorite memories from RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Written by Grace Bong

You will usually find me at concerts watching my favorite bands.
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