College Life As Told By Scream Queens Gifs

College can be a difficult time, especially if you’re an incoming freshman. To take off some of the stress, we love to watch our favorite shows – especially Scream Queens!

From saying goodbye to your parents, meeting your roommate, and joining a sorority, Scream Queens can relate to college students in so many ways.

Since the first season takes place at a college campus, we thought it would be appropriate to compile 10 Scream Queens gifs to perfectly described college life!

1.) Saying goodbye to your parents on move in day


2.) Having to sit through floor meetings


3.) When it’s only the first day and you already don’t like your roommate


4.) Snapchatting your friends from home


5.) When you’re hungry but broke AF


6.) Joining a sorority


7.) Getting a call from a friend


8.) Writing papers


 9.) When you turn 21


`10.) After college


Are you a fan of Scream Queens? What is your favorite gif or quote? Make sure to tweet us at @Fuzzable.

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Written by Michele

My name is Michele. I'm from NJ. I am a college student studying media studies and production. BLOG: CONTACT: [email protected] TWITTER: @michmendezmedia

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