18 female YouTubers you should be subscribed to

Here at Fuzzable, we’re big lovers of YouTubers. From comedic creators to the latest fashionistas, we can easily spend hours trawling YouTube for new content from our favourite video makers.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we thought we would shed some light on some of our favourite female YouTubers. Our list is made up of a variety of creators showcasing different content, from big names to rising YouTube stars, beauty vloggers to lifestyle gurus.

Without further ado, here’s 18 of our favourite female YouTubers who you should definitely be subscribed to.

1. Lilly Singh

As one of the most respected and well loved creators on the platform, there’s a good chance that you’re already familiar with Lilly Singh, aka IISuperwomanII. If not, then where on earth have you been? Lilly regularly posts hilarious content on her channel including skits, spoofs and collabs. Sometimes even her ‘parents’ are involved!

2. Rose and Rosie

We’re giving you two for the price of one here, with our favourite married couple Rose and Rosie. The pair are some of the funniest YouTubers on the platform but are also incredibly open about every element of their lives. From vlogs, challenges, real life advice, fangirling to just a lot of love, you should subscribe to both Rose and Rosie’s channels as you never know what you might see!

3. Imogen Hudson

Imogen Hudson, aka Imogenation, is the ultimate hun and we have a lot of love for her growing channel. This lovable YouTuber regularly posts storytimes, hauls, beauty tutorials and general fun content featuring her family.

4. Em Ford

Beauty vlogger Em Ford, also known as My Pale Skin, specialises in incredible beauty tutorials. It is no secret that Em suffers from adult acne, and over the years she has shared numerous pictures and videos of herself with and without makeup. Whether bare faced or wearing a full face of makeup, this beauty is confident within her skin and we totally love her for it.

5. Katie Pix

Katie’s channel is probably going to make you hungry af, but it’s okay as her recipes are super easy to follow. From kitchen hacks to tasty dishes, Katie showcases her incredible culinary knowledge and ability in her videos. Alongside the cooking, lovely Katie also shares vlogs so that you can get to know her even better.

6. Saffron Barker

Saffron Barker is a sassy lifestyle vlogger who regularly posts hilarious and relatable content which we can’t get enough of. Her channel is full of collabs, challenges, videos with her family, fashion, beauty and lifestyle content, and much more.

7. Aisha Rahman

Aisha is primarily a beauty vlogger who regularly shares stunning looks on her YouTube channel using high-end and high street products. Additionally, you will find vlogs, makeovers, lookbooks, Q&As, hauls and much more.

8. Laura Bubble

If comedy sketches are your thing then Laura’s channel is for you. The funny girl shares skits, parodies, collaborations and much more on her channel which are guaranteed to make you belly laugh.

9. Kelsey Hardwick

BeingKelsey is Kelsey Hardwick’s channel, and we can’t get enough of her content. She is naturally funny and down to earth, making her content instantly relatable. Expect to see Q&As, vlogs, pranks, hauls and much more.

10. Kayley Melissa

If you’re in desperate need of hair hacks, then Kayley Melissa’s channel is where you need to be at. She covers every kind of hairstyle, length and colour – from braids to curls, short hair to long hair, dark hair to holographic hair. You’ll never be short on hair inspo again.

11. Hannah Witton

Hannah is an incredibly real YouTuber who sheds light on a number of important life issues such as health, sex and relationships. You can also expect to see travel, literature and more on her fun yet informative channel.

12. Grace Victory

Dubbed as “the Internet’s Big Sister”, Grace’s channel is full of beauty and lifestyle videos including hauls, vlogs, Q&As, lookbooks, and much more. She also discusses sex, mental health, self love & other social issues in her videos, making her completely relatable.

13. NikkieTutorials

NikkieTutorials’ channel is full of incredible makeup tutorials which we wish we could pull off half as well as she does. The makeup queen is known for experimenting with a range of looks whilst using a variety of products from both high street and high-end brands.

14. SophDoesNails

Whilst Soph’s channel initially gained recognition as a platform which showcases some incredible nail art, the vlogger soon expanded into sharing lifestyle videos and fabulous makeup tutorials. Soph experiments with various looks which we love.

15. Lucy and Lydia

Twins Lucy and Lydia are beauty, fashion and music mad so if, like us, you can relate, then you will absolutely love their channel. The girls share ‘get the look’ videos, tutorials, and vlogs which, combined with their bubbly personalities, make their channel twice as nice.

16. Dina Tokio

Dina is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger who has been making incredible videos for over six years. You can expect to see makeup tutorials, celebrity looks, outfit diaries, vlogs, challenges, real-life issues, Q&As and much more on her channel.

17. Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid describes her channel as “a place for curious minds and adventurous hearts”, so it’s no wonder that we love it so much and we think you will too. Head to Ingrid’s channel for tutorials, looks, hauls and lots more fab beauty and lifestyle content.

18. Liza Koshy

Finally, we have the hilarious Liza Koshy. Whether you already know her or not, she is one funny lady who is definitely worth subscribing to. Prepare to laugh your socks off at her various skits and pranks.

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