17 Studyblrs You Should Be Following

One of the biggest things that gained attention this year was the studyblr craze. And considering I personally love everything about the studyblr community, it’s so satisfying to see all of these hardworking students being able to help others to become better students. The studyblr community — take this as a simple description — is a community of students who have all come together to share ideas, share images of their work, and to share tips on bettering your study habits. This is a worldwide community that is thriving and helping bring all kinds of nerdy people together (woo!).

Remembering the large Tumblr community as well, it seems important to recognize some studyblr accounts that are useful to students — of all ages and countries. So here are 17 (in honor of 2017) studyblr accounts you should be following on Tumblr this year!

Let’s do this!


















One of the best things about these accounts is that they’ll help lead you to other accounts that are similar to theirs. While all of these accounts are unique in their own manner, they’re also part of one community that is based on support and help. Everyone in this community is dedicated to helping maintain an environment where learning is the main focus.

If you want to make 2017 your most productive year, and you’re a social media junkie, make sure you follow some of these accounts on Tumblr. You won’t regret following any of these accounts, but you will definitely envy how beautiful some of these notes are. Maybe you’ll decide to create your own studyblr account and then the rest of us will be envious of your desk set-up. If this is something you end up doing, try to get into contact with some of these accounts — the studyblr accounts above are all willing to help give you some tips and advice.

What are some of your favorite studyblrs? And what are some other methods you’re using to try to remain productive this year? Tweet us over @Fuzzable!


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