15 Ear Piercings You Should Get In The New Year

We’ve all heard the phrase, “new year, new me.” But considering we’re all pretty sure those people don’t really do anything life-changing, maybe it’s time to finally do something new and exciting. One of the easiest and cutest things to do is get a new earring piercing.

As a simple heads up, please recognize that all of these photos show piercings that have healed — or are on their way to healing. When deciding which piercing is right for you, take pain, cleaning, and time into account — all body modifications can put a strain on your body, allow it to heal. Infections can also occur, so proceed to pierce with caution!

Here’s your list of 15 ear piercings you should consider getting in the new year.

  1. Double Lobe Piercing 842c1d3799ff0b2f5fdb25504d7fcbe2
  2. Triple-Lobe Piercing cba73d96cd6fbde4a5eb54df49a9b501
  3. Daith Piercing daith
  4. Industrial Piercing industrial
  5. Rook Piercing rook-piercing-pictures
  6. Tragus Piercing tragus
  7. Conch Piercing conch-piercing-pictures
  8. Helix Piercing helix-piercing-inspiration-10
  9. Outer Conch Piercing multiple-piercings-in-ear
  10. Trident Piercing 20-ear-piercings
  11. Vertical Tragus Piercingtriple-lobe-and-dual-tragus-piercing
  12. Vertical Helix Piercing enhanced-buzz-23912-1398968737-25
  13. Triple Helix Piercing cute-ear-piercings-2
  14. Anti-Tragus Piercing b73865209a31c9fd74170adb9ee8ac7c
  15. Or just get a whole bunch! d0647a033f2f0c287243b8b5bc2cd4e4

Whatever you decide to do will definitely lead to catching people’s eyes — especially with the piercings that are less conventional. And don’t feel limited to these styles — sometimes speaking to a professional can help you come up with unique piercings. Pinterest has thousands of photos and ideas available as well, don’t limit yourself to one list! Research on pain levels and ear piercing care can help you decide whether or not these piercings are actually worth it.

Again, before deciding to take on any of these piercings, make sure to consult with a parent. If you’re under 18 your parent might have to sign a waiver. And make sure to check in with yourself, some of these ear piercings are more painful than others. They will, therefore, require more care and caution the weeks after. Don’t try to take on more than you can handle.

Happy piercings and happy new year!

Written by gloria

All views, thoughts and opinions are my own. Find me on twitter @gloriamargy7 or email me at gloriamargy7@gmail.com

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