12 Reasons to Take Your Family to Italy This Holiday Season

If you love taking your children for travels abroad and want them to have meaningful experiences in new cultures and locations, you would certainly want to take them to Italy. The best way to make the most of your family trip to Italy is, of course, to avoid trying to see everything in a week. If you can plan your Italian holiday with kids in a way that allows them to truly experience the country’s art, history, fashion and food, you’ll have given them a lifetime memory to cherish forever.

Here are 12 good reasons why Italy should be your next family holiday destination.

  • If you have an innate love for food, Italy is where you want to be on a vacation. This European country is famous for its love affair with food, which is also a big reason why millions flock to Italy’s cities, towns and quaint villages. Whether you like eating at street cafes or high-end restaurants, you will hardly ever find a bad meal in Italy. Every region in Italy has its own special cuisine, but you’ll find a little bit of everything wherever you go.
  • Italy’s vibe is unlike any other place in the world. You can roam the streets as a family, taking in the laid-back and easygoing lifestyle, backpack through its towns, enjoy a relaxing beach vacation, or stay in a tiny hamlet somewhere in the hills. Vacationing anywhere in Italy will give you an opportunity to experience its rich culture, warm hospitality and unique cuisines.
  • Italy offers a multitude of stay options for every budget and vacation style. From bed-and-breakfast places and hotels to unique holiday villas and apartments, you can find your preferred accommodation type across the country.
  • If you prefer spacious private accommodation to cramped hotel rooms and want your kids to have lots of space to run around, look for bespoke holiday rentals in Italy equipped with all the amenities you may need when traveling with children.
  • You need to visit the beautiful city of Rome at least once in your lifetime. An eclectic mix of ancient architecture and culture and modern living, Rome offers a unique experience to discerning travelers who love to explore a city’s history, food and culture along with its contemporary vibe. Rome can be an unforgettable vacation experience for people of all ages, including young children.

Aside from Rome and other popular destinations, Italy’s stunning countryside are a must visit if you want to experience the region’s unadulterated local lifestyle and avoid tourist hotspots.

  • Unlike popular belief, you can have an affordable family vacation in Italy if you put in the time and effort to do your research. It’s not difficult to find accommodation that won’t break the bank if you’re willing to give the expensive hotels a miss. If travelling in a group, you’d be better off renting a holiday home with a pool or near the shore.
  • Unbeknownst to most tourists, Italy is as much known for its scientific advances as it is for its food, art and history. You can take your family to visit places that harbored many a revered scientists and thinkers. From science museums and ancient universities to astronomical observatories and botanical gardens, Italy has a lot to offer young children curious about the roots of modern science.
  • Beautiful lakes, immaculate gardens, plush hills, volcanoes, spectacular beaches, green hiking trails, lush forests, bird sanctuaries, green meadows and breathtaking ocean views— Italy has no dearth of natural beauty in all its myriad forms. 

It’s the best place to be for a family that wants to take time away from a life of technology and have an immersive experience in nature. From adolescents to kindergartners, every child can use such enriching experiences in the outdoors.

  • If you want to explore more than one city in a region, Italy is the place to do it, especially if you’re traveling with young children or senior adults. The country’s small size means that you can reach places quicker and not have your kids grow restless from long hours of travel.  From buses and trains to road trips and gondola rides, the many transportation options offer picturesque views of landscapes that look like art.
  • Because Italians are a family-oriented population, most places are kid-friendly and the locals are accommodating and kind when they see families travelling together. People in Italy are friendly to children, which is also one of the reasons why it makes for a great family destination.

In addition, food is never a problem when you’re out exploring a city or town, as each location is dotted with scores of cafes and restaurants offering a variety of scrumptious foods.

  • Italy has the envious geography of over 5,000 miles of beautiful sunlit coastlines. It’s an ideal vacation spot for beach lovers who want nothing more on a vacation than to soak in the sun on a stunning beach with breathtaking views of the ocean. There is a beach in Italy to suit every mood and style. With so many beaches, you’ll easily find one to your liking regardless of the time of year.
  • With over 400 islands, Italy is a paradise for travelers who love visiting small islands and experiencing their own unique subcultures, languages and cuisines.  From the quieter islands of Sardinia to the glitzy Capri Island, Italy offers a multitude of opportunities for day trips that take you into another world within the country.
  • A family vacation in Italy is not just about art and history, which can sometimes get boring for children. Thankfully, the country offers scores of outdoor activities full of action. Anywhere you go in Italy, you’ll find a fondness for cycling and swimming. Your entire family can rent bicycles to get around.

Then there are horse riding, paragliding, parasailing, rafting, kayaking and other water sports, hiking, camping, skiing, and a host of other activities for families that want action-filled holidays in a refined surrounding.

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