Hi Jack: The most disjointed and pointless post on the internet

This is one of the messiest and most disjointed and pointless pieces of text to ever grace the internet, but I feel guilty that I never contribute to Fuzzable and wanted to get something up.

A lot can happen in the space of a few months. Even more can happen in a year.

When I look back to 2016, I feel a little bit sorry for myself. I was having problems at home, I was about to graduate from University with no idea of what I wanted to do with my life, and I was about to break up with my partner of two and a half years. In short, 2016 was shit.

It wasn’t all bad, though. I landed my first job in marketing before I graduated, and I’ve gone on to progress in the company pretty quickly. I’ve learned so much about marketing – from social media and copywriting to SEO and PR – and it’s been genuinely interesting. I left University with a degree in Journalism, and, although I knew I always wanted to do something in that spectrum, I wasn’t really sure what. I’m glad I found my feet quickly.

2016 also taught me a lot. A breakup can be really tough. Especially when you also consider your partner to be your best friend. I remember spending weeks during the summer crying into a tub of Ben and Jerry’s on a weekend, hopelessly flicking through Tinder hoping to find someone to fill the gap. I didn’t, though, because I wasn’t ready to move on.

Despite countless dates, I ended 2016 single and pretty pessimistic. I’d had problems in my job (simply put, I wasn’t enjoying it), and I felt like my life was going to the pan. But I decided that, in 2017, I’d stop feeling sorry for myself and start living a little.

It’s hard to believe that we’re already five months into the year now. And, although things aren’t perfect, I’m feeling really positive and happy in a way that I haven’t in a long time. I’ve started seeing someone new, I’m spending more time with friends and family and I’m making memories instead of sitting on my own waiting for the days to go by.

I’ve got so many great things to look forward to this year, and that’s because I’ve learned to start saying ‘yes’. Yes to seeing more people in concert, less to spontaneous afternoons out with my friends, yes to spending more time outdoors, yes to holidays and yes to being happy.

Life isn’t always going to go you want it to go, but I’ve learned that a positive mindset and outlook can take you a long way. Here’s to the rest of 2017.

Written by J

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