11 Stranger Things Themed Items That Make Perfect Gifts

Stranger Things is an American sci-fi horror television series for the online streaming service Netflix. Set in the 1980’s, the show surrounds the lives of a group of friends in a small, fictional town named Hawkins. Supernatural events start occurring in the town, as well as the appearance of a strange girl who has psychokinetic abilities.

There are tons of Stranger Things themed items out there, so we’ve knuckled it down to eleven that would make perfect gifts for any fan of the show.

1. VHS lamp

A VHS lamp will definitely fit in with the feel of the 1980’s setting in Stranger Things. This VHS lamp is from Etsy and is completely handmade, where you can choose the colour(s) of the lights. There are three different types; one with a poster of the show and two with the show’s logo, but with either one or two coloured lights. The Stranger Things themed VHS lamp can be purchased from NancysJars on Etsy.

Photo via NancysJars on Etsy.

2. Funko Pop! Vinyl figures

Funko Pop! Vinyl figures have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They have a huge selection of figurines, including those from film franchises and TV shows, as well as music icons. There are a bunch of characters from Stranger Things in the show’s collection, including Eleven, all the boys and a new character from season 2, Max. There are different variations of the figurines, such as a regular Mike and then Mike in a Ghostbusters costume. Keep an eye out, you might even stumble upon a rare one!

Photo via funko.com.

3. A hat

A hat; a versatile, perfect for nearly any situation or weather clothing item! Now you can have one to represent your favourite show. You could get a cap or a beanie, whatever you prefer. There’s some with the logo embroidered on, some like the one Dustin wears and a whole range of more designs.

Gif by andy-sambergs on Tumblr.

4. Pins (and badges)

Pins are wonderful little things, aren’t they? You could put them on a bag, on a jacket, on a lanyard – so many different things! There are a ton of Stranger Things inspired pins on Etsy.

Here’s one of the logo by Enamalpinco.



Photo via Enamalpinco on Etsy.

Here’s one of a well-known phrase from the show, combined with the iconic fairy lights from the first season, by Punkypins.

Photo via Punkypins on Etsy.

And here’s one inspired by Eleven and her love for Eggos by DavisRiderPrints.

Photo via DavisRiderPrints on Etsy.

These aren’t the only three though! As mentioned previously, there are a whole range of different designs of pins (and badges, if that’s more your thing) with just a simple search.

5. Candles

Candles are perfect all year round, but even more so when the cold months are about. Love candles and love Stranger Things? Your wishes have been answered. There are handmade candles inspired by the Upside Down, by Hopper’s phrase “mornings are for coffee and contemplation”, and Eleven’s favourite food. So you can snuggle up and light a candle, all whilst watching the show it’s inspired by!

Photo via JustFribble on Etsy.

6. Vinyl

Vinyl has very much made a strong comeback in recent years. Along with the VHS lamp, this item will fit in with the 1980’s setting of the show. The use of synthesizers throughout the original score shows homage to 1980’s artists. The original soundtrack to Stranger Things has been very highly praised, with the two volumes of the first season being individually nominated in the Best Score Soundtrack Category in the 2017 Grammy Awards. And now it’s something you can own yourself! Each volume from the first season is available to buy, either regularly or in a deluxe edition box set, with some being coloured vinyl. If vinyl isn’t your thing, it’s also available on audio CD and digitally.

Photo via Amazon.

7. Themed foods/drinks

Maybe instead of buying something, you could make them Stranger Things themed food or drink as a gift (although, you still may need to buy the ingredients). There’s a bunch of different themed recipes on Pinterest and YouTube. There’s cakes, cupcakespies and a whole lot more. There are even cocktails inspired by the show, for those over the legal age limit for alcohol consumption, of course!

8. Monopoly

Who doesn’t love a good game of Monopoly? Now you, friends, or family can play the boardgame Stranger Things style. Each player can choose a 1980’s inspired token or “one ripped from the Upside Down” to navigate around the board. Walkie Talkie and Blinking Lights cards replace the traditional Community Chest and Chance cards, while Forts and Hideouts replace traditional houses and hotels.

Photo via Amazon.

9. Jewellery

There is a lot of Stranger Things inspired jewellery on Etsy; ranging from necklaces to rings, bracelets to earrings, a whole lot of cool items!

Here’s a necklace themed around Eleven by LoveDoesDesigns.

Photo via LoveDoesDesigns on Etsy.

Here’s a bracelet with a little bicycle charm on by MoonHoneyStudio.

Photo via MoonHoneyStudio on Etsy.

And here’s some more necklaces inspired by the characters of Stranger Things by GiftRocket.

Photo via GiftRocket on Etsy.

These are just three select items of Stranger Things jewellery that would be great for any fan of the show. There are plenty more to browse at that we haven’t included and that you can find with a simple search!

10. Mug

Know anyone that doesn’t use a mug? Neither do I. That’s what makes it such a perfect gift. There are many amazing designs for Stranger Things themed mugs out there, it just depends on what one is preferred. There’s some on Amazon, Etsy and Redbubble; pretty much anywhere!

Photo via MeganPadovanoDesign on Etsy.

11. Soap and bath bombs

Now, you may be thinking, ‘soap and bath bombs?’. But yes, there is, in fact, Stranger Things inspired soap and bath bombs! There’s one inspired by the Demogorgon, the Upside Down and Eleven.

Photo via tifferninny on Etsy.

What Stranger Things inspired item is your favourite, or do you have any we haven’t included? Let us know on Twitter!

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