11 Makeup Looks From Lottie Tomlinson That Slay

Lottie Tomlinson is probably most known for being the sister to pop-singer Louis Tomlinson. However, Lottie is so much more.

She is one of the most amazing makeup artists and we just ADORE her.

Here are 11 photos that show just how amazing Lottie is with makeup.

That time she did Twiggy-ish lashes and glowed.


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Her ability to slay soft looks is unbelievable.

Ernie ❤️❤️❤️

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N E U T R A L S & L O T T I E = LOVE

👭 Leeds !!!!!

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How she used such a bold color in a brilliant way.

Her love of colors makes me love colors more.

Her no makeup makeup is better than my makeup makeup.

ABH / liquid lipstick in stripped 💋 my new fave nude 😍

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She did that…

💋✌🏻️ @kyliecosmetics – true brown k 😏

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Orange is definitely a color she looks best in.


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She’s not afraid to mix things up either, which ALWAYS works out!

Yes to all the gems <3

And finally, her glitter dripping and cut crease look gives us all the feels!

Do you love Lottie as much as we do? What are some of your favorite looks from her?
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Written by Mary Restifo

Licensed Esthetician / 24
Music and beauty lover.

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