11 Best Tips for Low-Carb Diet

Quite often we face the problem of some extra weight. As soon as we realize that we went a little bit over our size of clothes, we start thinking that we are ugly. The very next step is desperately seeking ways to lose those extra pounds. Of course, we don’t want to exhaust ourselves with diets and exercises. Thus we turn to weight loss pills, but you should be careful with them. For example the Lipozene weight loss pill is only for obese people, and you may get health problems if you use it for regular extra weight problems. If you still thinking about the pills, than you don’t realize the benefits of the low-carb diet. You can eat and have a normal life, while losing your weight. Yep, there is no need for starving or fooling your organism with pills. You just need to do it right, and in order to do so, check out our eleven tips for low-carb diet.

Three Meals and Two Snacks a Day

See, we told you that you don’t have to starve. Moreover, you cab even have six meals and three snacks a day. Just mind that all of them should be small. The time frames between those meals and snacks shouldn’t be longer than three or four hours.

Dig Internet for the Receipts

Who said that your meals on diet shouldn’t be tasty? Internet is full of receipts for delicious meals on your low-carb diet. All you have to do is to search for them on the web.

20 Grams of Net Carbs a Day

20 grams of net carbs is your golden rule. Don’t go over 20 grams and don’t go below 20 grams. Going above 20 grams can interfere with triggering your weight loss, while going below 20 grams, won’t make you lose your weight any faster.


Protein plays an important role in losing weight, as it protects your muscles, and thus, you are losing only fat. So, manage to eat sufficient protein every meal.

Don’t Forget Fats

Fat helps you absorbing vitamins, albeit if you don’t want to your low-carb diet to turn into vitamin overdosing, mind to eat small amount of fats.

Eight Glasses of Water a Day

You need to drink water on your low-carb diet. It doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to water, as two of those glasses can be replaced with a cup of tea or coffee.

Avoid Dehydration

The common problems with diets lies in the fact that we think that everything is going to be just fine, if we stop consuming anything. But you shouldn’t forget to drink liquid, as dehydration may cause serious health problems.

Watch Out for Hidden Carbs

If you embarked on a low-carbs diet, you should beware the hidden carbs. From now on, you have to read food labels very carefully.

Sugar Substitute

Forget about sugar. Now you’ll have to use sugar substitute.

Use Tested and Reputable Products

You know those special food products for low-carb diets? Well, be careful with them, as not losing weight may turn out to be the least of your problems.

Consult a Diet Specialist

Of course, articles and internet advice are great, but you should consult a specialist before embarking your low-carb diet.

Written by MonLex

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