100 Reasons That I smile

My name is Niki and this is my 100th Fuzzable post. I am a member of the amazing admin team, and in the past year I have written 100 posts, been to some amazing events, interviewed some of the most amazingly talented influencers and I have made a ton of new friends along the way. For my 100th post, I thought I’d bring you 100 reasons why I smile. From silly reasons to my never-ending lists of crushes.

  1. My niece. She’s just turned 5, and every single day of her life shes made me laugh and feel joy. Here’s to you Pops.
  2. Grayson Dolan – my ultimate crush.
  3. Concerts. I’ve been to so many, it’s where I feel freest.
  4. My Fuzzable Teammates- You have all taught me more then I’ll ever be able to describe. I love you
  5. My mum. No one has a mum quite like mine. She’s crazy.
  6. All my cats; Lily, Garfield, Millie, Lucy, Bug, Jaspar and Dusty. The most amazing fluffs ever.
  7. Baby Flamingos.
  8. Shrek – The film that I can quote every word to inside and out.
  9. My closest friends. I’d be lost without your support
  10. Cheese
  11. Dogs in cars, with their heads out the windows
  12. Cecilia Aherns books
  13. Busted. My favorite band
  14. Hollyoaks, the show I lose my self in daily.
  15. That freshly shaved legs and getting into clean bedding feeling
  16. Old people who sit and tell you stories.
  17. Old people in love
  18. Glitter
  19. Spaghetti
  20. Ethan Dolan
  21. Tuesdays – (The Dolan Twins upload days)
  22. Nathan Sykes
  23. Nathan Sykes’ voice
  24. My pup Jess
  25. Vanilla scents
  26. Sporks
  27. Fluttery Eyelashes
  28. Sheep
  29. Baby Lambs
  30. A smile from anyone
  31. Warm sunny days
  32. Snow
  33. Cups of tea
  34. Woodlice
  35. Comfy PJ’s
  36. Snuggly socks
  37. Derek Hough
  38. Dogs chasing their tails
  39. Funky Hats
  40. Drake and Josh
  41. Pay Day
  42. Pizza (Gluten-free)
  43. The smell of petrol
  44. Hearing good news
  45. How my turtles dance for food
  46. Hammocks
  47. The feeling of sand in my toes
  48. Adventures
  49. Long car rides
  50. Even longer car rides with my best pal
  51. New shoes
  52. That new shoe smell
  53. Tigger
  54. Fluffy teddies
  55. Chick flicks
  56. Naps
  57. Sunflowers
  58. Going to a pet store
  59. Getting a pet from the pet store
  60. Fluffy rugs
  61. Caterpillars
  62. Googlie eyes
  63. Good brow days
  64. Gluten-free mac n cheese
  65. Milkshakes
  66. Frilly socks
  67. Making sock puppets
  68. When my phone actually charges
  69. Dying my hair
  70. The smell of incense
  71. Playing Mario Kart
  72. Winning at Mario Kart
  73. Having fluffed up pillows
  74. Watching ASMR before bed
  75. Makeup tutorials
  76. Pulling apart a cheese string
  77. Painting my nails
  78. Hugs
  79. Bouncing on trampolines
  80. Waterslides
  81. Swimming
  82. The word plonker
  83. Simon Cowell
  84. Jack Maynard
  85. Hearing the sound of laughter
  86. Seeing dogs trying to smile
  87. Tiaras
  88. Ice cream
  89. Penguins
  90. All things Pink
  91. Rainbows
  92. Nude lipsticks
  93. Cuddling babies
  94. Whenever I see my phone on 69 or 88%
  95. Fluffy Pens
  96. The Toy Story aliens
  97. When my eyeliner goes right
  98. Bubbles
  99. Popcorn
  100. Writing for Fuzzable

I hope you have all enjoyed all these things that make me smile the most. I hope they brought a smile to you.

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Written by Niki

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