10 weird things about pregnancy no one warns you about.

You may of noticed at Fuzzable, that there’s a baby within the team due this summer. There’s a Fuzzabump on the horizon, and behind every bump is a million new and weird things happening to your body. And whilst everyone warns you that for the 1st 12 weeks you may be sick in the morning there’s a fair amount of things that nobody explained to expectant mums.



  1. Heartburn.

Heartburn is something you’re told you may or may not get in the last trimester as things stretch and push up. No one warns you that in the second trimester this starts and nothing can ever stop it. No antacids, milk, ice cream etc can ever make it go for longer than an hour.

2. Tiredness

You are warned that you may need to go to bed half an hour early and that it’s perfectly normal to feel a little more sleepy during pregnancy. But no one ever explains that growing a human inside your tummy is actually the most tiring thing ever. Personally, I have a nap every afternoon, and sleep 2 hours earlier at night and yet still as I write this, I’m thinking of my bed. It’s weird but not so wonderful.

3. Hip ache.

You may be warned again during the last trimester of your pregnancy that baby will start hurting your hips, but no one states that actually from the second of conception, your hips need to grow and spread and accommodate a tiny being. So alas, a hip ache that will keep you awake, that will prevent you from bending and ultimately make you wonder if your hips do lie.

4. Pee time.

Not only during the day does everything set you off needing the loo, from an extra sneeze, giggling, water sounds, sitting, standing and well just about anything, but at night time, no matter how empty your bladder is before bed time, you’ll suddenly need to go again several times in the night. The conspiracy theory behind this is that baby wakes you to wee, getting you into a habit for them waking you at night.

5. Morning Sickness is all a lie.

It’s quoted throughout internet history that Morning Sickness usually happens in well morning as your hormone levels are peaking, and at around 12 weeks it will all magically disappear. This is a lie, ask Princess Kate who famously had extreme sickness with all 3 of her pregnancies. So far this future Fuzzamum is at 25 weeks of being sick daily, and mainly at night.

6. Pregnancy glow is also a lie.

Some women do look radiant, strong, their hair gets thicker, their skin is clear and glowing and they look like goddesses. But not many. The reality is your hormones are crazy, you can get acne, hair growing in funky places (hairy baby bump anyone) your head hair can thin, your nails snap oh and because you’re carrying a human 24/7 your probably sweating a little more.

7. Bye immunity.

Pre-pregnancy if someone sneezed in close proximity to you, you’d get away with not catching a cold even if you’d run out on hand sanitizer, but during pregnancy baby is taking all the nutrients and vitamins from you, so if Mr Blake 8 doors along has a cold, chances are you’ll catch it too. Pass the tissues, please.

8. Your pregnancy may not be textbook.

The midwives and health professionals may advise you that you’ll feel movement by 16 weeks, or that by 28 movements will settle into a pattern. Yes, it may be the case for a large number of people, but not for everyone and your pregnancy is not weird if it isn’t that way. Here we didn’t feel movement until 19 weeks, however now Fuzzabump is in a dead set pattern. A wiggle between 10 and 11 am, 3 pm until 5 pm is party time, 8 pm until 10 pm is the parties second round, midnight until 2 am is the ‘Hey mum your trying to sleep but you can’t because I’m alive and kicking’ happy hours. Your body is yours and it’s perfectly okay to experience things sooner, later or differently to others.

9. Hormones are insane.

So no one warns you that you will not only cry at everything, but rage at everything, worry about everything, and feel pretty much every emotion but heightened. You just see tearful women every now and again crying at puppies, but the reality is that you’ll cry at TV adverts about pizza, you’ll be angry at your other half for not bringing you pizza (even if he had zero ideas that you wanted it anyway), you’ll worry about your baby having enough socks from birth till adulthood and frankly the littlest things will get on your nerves. Don’t be alarmed, you don’t suddenly have anger issues, it’s just them horror hormones doing weird and whacky stuff to your feelings.

10. That the small things really are the ones that make you happiest.

Despite all the above being really inconvenient, annoying and not pleasant, every little thing is a reminder of the precious journey your entering. Every time your sick, it’s just a reminder your hormones are working to grow this baba, every heart burn episode is just your organs moving up and pushing because your little person is growing, and even the spots on your forehead that make you feel awful are there as evidence of your body doing powerful things. From every little movement you feel, every scan and doctors appointment and mini milestones your one step closer to meeting this precious new born. It won’t last forever, so don’t let the weird stuff get you down.


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Written by Niki

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