10 Ways To Make A Good Impression On College Professors

Building connections is extremely important in this phase of your life. Successfully networking with professors can lead to recommendations, internships, and even potential jobs.

Each day in class is an opportunity to make the professor remember who you are! So how can you stand out among your classmates and make a lasting impression? Here are 10 ways to do just that.

1.) Introduce yourself

The first step is to introduce yourself. Make sure to make eye contact, shake their hand, and be polite. If you’re in a a large lecture class, not many students will make the effort to introduce themselves to the professor. It might seem simple, but you’ll already be ahead of the game. My professor once said, “Doing recommendations is much easier when I know you’re name.” She’s right.


2.) Sit in the front of class

Okay, now that they know your name, they need to put a face to it. Sitting in the front will make it easy for the professor to call on you when you raise your hand. Being in front of the class will also mean that you can properly see the board and thus, take better notes.


3.) Actively participate

If you are in a large lecture class, the professor will most likely have a hard time remembering names. That is why if you actively participate, the professor will start to actually remember your name. Take this from firsthand experience. My media theory professor knows all the names of the people who continuously put in an effort to contribute to class discussions.


4.) Come in during office hours

Coming in during office hours shows that you are willing to go the extra mile! The professor will see that you are taking the class seriously and want to succeed in the course.

5.) Do your homework

It can be so tempting to skip a reading but doing your homework is extremely important! You do not want to fall behind. Keeping up with the readings will help you fully understand the lesson the professor has prepared for that day.


6.) Be on time and try not to miss class

Some professors count attendance as a participation grade. If you’re someone who likes to sleep in or not go to class, the professor will be sure to make a note of this. Remember that attending class everyday on time shows that you respect the professor and that you care about the class.


7.) Use professional language

When writing an email to a professor, remember to use professional language, which means starting your message with “Dear Professor.” They are not your peers, so you cannot use the same language you would use with your friends.

8.) Do well on exams

If you want a recommendation from a professor, they will start by checking your grades, including the exams. Doing well on exams demonstrates that you are a responsible and intelligent student who pays attention in class.

9.) Attend study sessions

Some professors have teacher assistants who offer study sessions. Take the initiative by attending because it shows that you are putting effort into getting a good grade. This can also leave a good impression on the teacher assistants who you can also network with!


10.) Take extra credit opportunities

Some professors will offer extra credit opportunities so take them! They can be easy ways to bump up your grade while demonstrating to the professor that you are serious about your grades.

Saying that you are a hard worker is one thing, but demonstrating it? That is the real challenge. If you have any other tips make sure to tweet us at @Fuzzable.

Written by Michele

My name is Michele Mendez and I am a student at Temple University studying Media Studies and Production. Have a story idea? Contact me: michelemendez182@gmail.com TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, & FACEBOOK: @michmendezmedia

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