10 Video Games We Want to See Re-Released

Here a Fuzzable, we are continuing our gaming adventure; looking into what our readers used to play on older consoles such as the “SNES” or the “MegaDrive” before the gaming world gave us modern hits such as The Last of Us on the PlayStation or Red Dead Redemption II on the newest systems Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

We asked our readers on Twitter that if there were a game on an older console, that they would like to be re-released, what would it be? We had some very interesting results.

 Banjo- Kazooie (Nintendo 64)


Banjo- Kazooie was originally released in 1998 on the Nintendo 64 and Xbox 360. The game centered around the main character Banjo, the brown haired honey bear and his friend Kazooie, the red- crested breegul that stays in Banjo’s backpack. Throughout the series, they fight through many obstacles and challenges to rescue Banjo’s sister Tooty from the evil witch Gruntilda before she can take away Tooty’s beauty. Fans were drawn by the bright colours and adventure aspect of the game and it felt very open world (well as open world as you can get in 1998). This game required players to use the duo’s wit and skills to collect jigsaw puzzle pieces to get through each level. After watching many play throughs and talk via word of mouth, we highly recommend this game to those who love puzzles and adventure.

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (PlayStation 1)

tomb raider 4.jpg

Everyone knows adventure driven archaeologist Lara Croft and the many challenges she has faced to find some of the world’s hidden treasures. Players get to delve deeper into Lara’s past as they train with a teenage Lara back in 1984 in Cambodia, where she learns some of the basics by her mentor Werner Von Croy where he is heavily featured in the main plot in the present day (1999). Lara is on the hunt of finding an ancient Egyptian amulet and unfortunately, when it is found she unleashes the Evil Deity into the world, it is up to the main character to recapture him. Players enjoyed going back to the usual Tomb Raider premise as they climb various beautiful landscapes, swim to find some of the hidden secrets and shoot many enemies to reach their end goal. The ardent fans also enjoyed the stunning Egyptian scenery and realism, and with 70 secrets to find within the game, the player will never be lost with things to do. We recommend this hidden gem to our adventure seekers.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)


The Legend of Zelda games has been loved by fans from the very beginning and is still loved greatly to this day, especially upon the release of “Breath of the Wild” for the Nintendo switch in 2017. This game is an action – adventure game where our main protagonist is Link. The player must stop the evil Ganondorf, King of “Gerudo Tribe” from obtaining the “Triforce”, a sacred wish-giving relic. Our hero must travel through time to awaken the “Seven Sages” in the bid to stop Ganondorf for good. Players loved the beauty and scenery of fantasy land Hyrule and the dark, fearful dungeons. Players also enjoyed the peaceful music, played on the titular “Ocarina” as they get through different levels. The game also introduced a target locking system to help aid Link in battling his enemies. Now, target locking has become a norm in 3D gaming. We recommend gamers to play this if they enjoy fantasy- type gaming, and if they want to see what the fuss of Zelda is all about.

The Simpsons: Hit and Run (PlayStation 2)


This game is a classic, loved by many beginners and pro gamers, even by people that don’t really game at all. The premise is very simple – the player plays as various “Simpsons” characters, for example Homer and Bart, as they drive through various missions. Played in third person, the game allows the player to steal cars, rather than just use the car given to you, making it a bit similar to “PG” Grand Theft Auto” game, where you can be chased by police but for much lesser gruesome crimes. The game has been applauded for continuing the comical and child-like essence of “The Simpsons” cartoon series. We recommend this game to those who either love The Simpsons or who just want to enjoy a fun non- gruesome driving game.

Punch Out!! (NES)


Punch Out is an instantly recognisable classic arcade game. The player takes the role of Little Mac, fighting through big league boxing champions, to get to the top of the world boxing championships. The premise is a very simple – knock the player out to ensure victory. The players begin with limited moves and their performance is judged on the basis of the challenges they undertake to improve their position. The harder the fight, the higher are the chances to level up. The progressive mechanism of the game along with its catchy music became a huge highlight for its fans.

Kirby’s Dream Course (SNES)


Who doesn’t love Kirby, the adorable pink creature, set to take on his foes in some incredible adventures? This game in particular is a golf game but instead of hitting a ball, the player must hit Kirby around the course and eventually in the hole. In order to do this, the player has to aim Kirby in the direction of his enemies to obtain special abilities allowing Kirby to metamorphose into a tornado or even a UFO, once all the enemies are defeated. The final enemy is turned into the putting hole that Kirby must go into to complete the level. Kirby has turned into one of Nintendo’s most recognisable and popular characters and this game is just one example of the wonderful worlds that Nintendo creates for their audience.

Space Invaders (Arcade Game)


We are sure that everyone is somewhat familiar with Space Invaders. It is a gaming classic that we all still see regularly today. The gameplay is so simple with the game being centered around a fixed shooter where the player shoots from a lazer cannon, in order to defeat 5 rows of aliens. Fans love and admire the simple premise in which as the game gets harder, the more replayable it becomes. We believe having this classic put back on the shelves as a re- release would be a great idea for the people who played it when it first came out and need a dose of nostalgia, or for the new generation who want to play a classic game.

Wizards and Warriors (NES)


This game has music and gameplay of a classic, retro videogame which was loved by a lot of gamers (which it is… All of those things!) The player takes on the role of Kuros “Knight Warrior of the Books of Excalibur” as they sets through the world of Elrond, to defeat the evil wizard Malkil, who has the Princess Elrond captured. The player will fight through many different areas to save the Kingdom. Fans enjoyed the fantasy aspect of this game but the magic and the colours of the fantasy world is something truly intriguing to behold.

Tecmo Bowl (NES)

tecmo bowl.jpg

The battle is on between the Wildcats and the Bulldogs as they play the Tecmo Bowl. In this game, players take control as one of these fictional teams. Anyone familiar with an American football will know just what to do technically, but this game is a great example of something fun for anyone familiar or not with the sport. Once a team is beaten, the console automatically chooses another team to play against, whilst the player remains the same. Hereby making the player feel as if they are playing in a championship game! The game has been praised for its bright colours and realistic teams and players. It is a true gem in the gaming world and is still a favourite to many today.


nba jam.jpg

Another sporting legend on our list! NBA Jam is a basketball videogame series, praised for its “photorealistic digitized graphics” and over the top presentation. Whilst playing the two on two basketball play, the game allows the player to jump several times over their actual height and shove and elbow opponents out of the way without any consequences. This over the top and exaggerated gameplay is what makes the game so replayable! NBA Jam’s popularity hasn’t stopped with its first installment either, grossing several other games over different consoles.

Did you not see your favourite retro video game? Tell us what games you wanted to see in this list. For more articles like this follow @Fuzzable today!

Written by Kay Simpson

I love to write, sing, act, binge watch YouTube Videos. I am a MASSIVE gamerI’m just your average 21 year old who wants to write and have fun

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