10 Types of Businesses that Moved Online

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of people. The health concerns are caused by major changes in the way companies do their businesses. Most of the brick and mortar companies and industries worldwide were forced to shut down. However, some enterprises have tried to change and adapt to the situation by moving their products and services online. They have made use of technological development for the benefit of their customers and employees. 

Here are 10 businesses that moved to the internet space and secured their future.


Online Grocery

Grocery stores or supermarkets were the first traders to depend on the internet space during the pandemic. With the social distancing norms and concerns about the safety of people, most of the people opted for internet grocery suppliers for their daily grocery supplies. Fearing complete lockdown, people were busy stocking things, and hence there was a huge demand for web-based grocery delivery. By providing door deliveries to elderly customers, these stores are offering great services. Supermarkets have opted for direct delivery as well as for delivery through delivery app services from their stores for the convenience of the customers and the safety of their workers. Many stores have reported an increase in their overall sales during the lockdown.


Wine Business

The wine business has survived the pandemic by moving online. Pandemic has made people stay at home and to remain friendly and sociable. Wine has always been a part of human life, and wine delivery has touched its peak during 2020. People were coming together using socializing apps like Zoom, and wine has remained a part of this digital socializing. Laithwaite’s wine has reported double their normal sales during the pandemic months. Wineries benefited from the sale of wines through the internet as they are able to support their employees and customers.


Fashion Business

The global supply chain of clothes was badly affected by the cancelled international cargo flights. People were not going out, and this has caused reduced demand for formal and going-out clothes. Closed down shopping malls and local clothes stores brought down the sales. To overcome the situation, most of the stores have created e-commerce sites for selling their items. The hot items sold by these internet-clothing stores were masks and home wear. Fashion retailing remains on the internet even after the pandemic. More and more people will choose to buy things on the web, as going out with family may not be safe for a few more months or even a year.



Brick and mortar casinos adapted to the pandemic situation by shifting their industry to the online format. Internet free slots have become one of the most searched entertainment options for people around the world during the past few months. This trend is bound to continue and increase after the pandemic.


Medical and Health Care

The pandemic has kept people panicking and prevented them from going to the clinics or hospitals for getting treatments. Online medical consultation is the new trend, and it will stay like this for at least a few years. By internet consultation, medical professionals are able to connect with the patients and give them necessary treatments without any physical contact. This has considerably reduced the influx of patients to hospitals, and they were able to concentrate more on fighting the deadly virus.


Fitness Business

Pre-pandemic days it was unimaginable for the fitness freaks to stay away from the gyms even for one day. Lockdown has affected the income of gyms and fitness instructors, and more and more fitness centres are finding online fitness training a viable option. Some of them provide app-based workout training or live streaming of workout sessions that can be easily followed from home. The daily exercise routines by these fitness services have helped people to maintain their physical and mental health during the worst period in their lives. 



Hospitality and restaurant businesses are the worst affected sectors during the pandemic. To tide over the situation, most of the restaurant owners are opting for online food delivery. It is impossible to entertain the customers inside a restaurant following the latest health care norms. By opting for the internet business, the owners were able to reduce the service personnel needed by the restaurants and were able to gain some money by selling a limited menu through food delivery apps. By moving to online business with an e-commerce site, most of the restaurants were able to prevent the complete shutdown of their operations.


Craft Classes

Craft classes have always found many takers. Kids as well as parents are interested in craft activities, and craft classes were in demand even before the pandemic crisis. Craft classes like painting, stitching, crochet, knitting, tie and dye, pottery, etc., have moved to the World Wide Web for their convenience. Person to person training has become impossible and online classes are a great way to learn a craft when there is extra free time available for children as well as adults of all ages. Selling craft kits, along with digital instruction, has become a way to earn some extra money for these businesses.


Homemade Goods

Earlier, most of the homemade goods were sold in local markets. During the pandemic, the demand for homemade items like masks, bread, preserved items like jams, jellies have experienced an upswing, and most of the homemade or hand-crafted item makers are depending on online marketplaces to sell their items. It is possible to reach more customers by opting for online marketplaces, and it is safer than getting out of your house to sell the items.


Pet Supplies

Getting food supplies for the pets was a great concern for the pet owners, with most of the neighbourhood stores and supermarkets only providing essential goods to the customers. Pet suppliers have opted for the online selling of the products to reach out to the frustrated pet owners.



Most of the businesses are turning an adverse situation to their benefit with the help of the latest technology. More and more people will opt for the online purchase of necessary things and online health care and fitness until a proper vaccine reaches the market. These businesses have found an unseen benefit among the clouded economic scenario.

Written by Monella

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