10 Tips for Planning Your First Solo Trip

Traveling is fun! Traveling should be fun! But first of all there is planning to do. Especially when you are alone to head out and see the world, there might be one or two things you want to have in mind before you pack your things and leave. Let’s check on this list below; maybe there are one or two things you haven’t considered yet to keep an eye on.


First of all: Choose your destination! Ask yourself a number of questions to find out what you’d like to see or to do there! Start simple: Which country would I like to visit? How long do you want to stay? Which sightseeing hotspots are a Must to see? What time of the year would be best to take the trip? Will there an event take place which you’d like to take part at?


As much fun as it is to dream big about the ways of traveling or the fancy places, we all would like to stay just a night in. Especially when we travel, we have to be realistic. So, put a budget on yourself to calculate how much money you’ll need to just get the most important things paid: lodging, travel expenses, and food and drinks. And then calculate how much money you can allow yourself to spend on shopping and sightseeing.


As you’re about to book your trip, think of all the needed documents you might have to organize at the beginning. Do you need a passport? If so, do you have one? Check on the time you’ll need to get one, if your ID isn’t enough for that trip. Do you need a visa? Check on it how long you might have to wait to get it. Check on the easiest way for you. Is it easier to do it all by yourself? Or is the option to hire a travel agency easier to get all the paperwork done? The day you’re off traveling, check on your passport or ID, your credit card, your booking confirmations and reservations. Don’t forget to print all of it and maybe create an emergency contact form to put into your luggage and into your handbag, just in case.

Booking / Ways of traveling

Depending on your travel destination, you have to choose your way of traveling. Go again for the same kind of questions to decide how to get to your chosen destination. Do you have a car? Will you be able to use it for that space of time? Will you book a bus – trip? Will you take the train? Or will you end up on an airplane? How many hours are you willing to spend on a bus, if it’s easier to take the train? How many hours are you able to spare on traveling time, when you decide to head for an airplane? It’s never bad to book early. Before you do, still take a bit of time to check the costs for certain tickets, such as plane tickets for a while, to find the most reasonable price for the best connection.


Depending on the length of your trip, check on how much stuff you have to take with you. Try not to over pack, as hard as this task is. Make a list if needed and after that, check if you really need all the things on it. If not, do not take it with you. Think of all the gadgets you’ll take with you. Besides clothes and toiletries, you might also pack up your power bank, a power cord and an adapter to be sure, you’ll be able to use it all along the way. Check on what you really need and what you are allowed to take onto the plane in connection to all the security guidelines there are.


Like packing needs a list from time to time, just like that the decisions where to go on a sightseeing tour needs the same. Make a list, check the prices and then, as hard as it is, decide which hotspots you really want to see to spend your money on the tickets for it and which ones you rather check on the next time. Where to get food Food can be a very expensive thing to get. So, maybe going to the restaurant each day isn’t the best idea. Check on options to buy food at the supermarket to keep up with your budget and keep the dinners at restaurants for a special occasion.


Make sure you have some information about the direct surroundings you’re in. Get some physical maps to check on the area so you’re able to orientate yourself and find the shops, the tube- or bus station, the sightseen highlights you want to see, if possible, by foot.


Security is a theme not that many people seem to think about when it comes to traveling. Yes, there is, of course, the security check at the airport, but after that? Especially when you’re alone, it’s important to take care of yourself. Let your friends know where you are. Even when you spam your friends on WhatsApp with pictures, let them know where you are in that very second, tell them from time to time, you’re back in that hotel. Take a taxi instead of the tube when it’s getting late, Check on different apps, to easily order a taxi or one which will remind you to, for example, take your medicine on time, especially when you’re in another time zone.

How to make friends along the trip

Besides all the money and security thoughts we have to put in, when we want to travel all on our own, we’re traveling to have some fun! So, when you’re on your way, check the options to meet people at the hostel you’re staying in. Book a tour with a lot of people, maybe one which got the special setup for solo- travelers. Like that, you’ll see a lot of the destination you’re in, make memories and friends at the same time.

Let us know which places you’d like to visit and if this list is going to help you out in the process of planning! @Fuzzable

Written by Vanessa

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