When splitting is just the beginning : 10 times bands parting ways wasn’t all that bad.

Breakups are hard. Whether it’s David and Liza crushing our dreams of true love, or your favorite band announcing they are going on hiatus. It’s truly one of the most gut-wrenching feelings and you can’t help but feel is this the last you will see of the splitee. We’ve decided to make this guide and playlist of the positives of a split, and showcase some of the best music that’s come from former band members.


Liam Payne

After 1D split, it felt like the world was going to end. Our hearts were shattered. After a time for mourning, Liam came back with some absolute bangers. From ‘Stip That Down’ to ‘Bedroom Floor’, Liam has eased our ‘Payne’ of the One Direction hiatus.

Camila Cabello.

She may have been the first to part ways with 5th Harmony, but her solo music has sent waves all over the globe. 5H may be a memory, but Camilla is the lady of the year with her non-stop musical masterpieces.

Justin Timberlake

It’s surprising to know that there is a whole younger generation unaware of JT’s roots. He was a former Disney Channel darling and then went on to an insanely huge boyband career. When his former band N-SYNC split, 90’s teens were as broken-hearted as we were with the 1D split, but Justin combatted the solo game and went on to be one of the worlds biggest stars.

Mel C

Spice Girls were the band who defined girl power. They paved the way for generations to believe in themselves and stand for equality. When they split, each member has had careers that only happen in dreams. Sporty Spice (Mel C) has carried on music and shaken the world with her talents solo.

Nathan Sykes

The Wanted are on a hiatus, and it sucked at first. But the youngest member Nathan showed us exactly why bands breaking up isn’t all bad. His solo music is incredible and has been a great way for us to hear exactly what his voice can do.


We’re never quite sure whether Black Eyed Pea’s are together or not, but Fergie’s solo music is everything our ears have needed. From the super relatable and tear-jerking to the fierce and’ ‘Fergalicious’.

Aston Merrygold

From JLS to solo success. In their hay day, they were literally the biggest group around. They made our hearts beat again, and our smiles were huge. Then as if by a dark evil magic that word hiatus came into play. We didn’t have to cry for too long as Aston released one of the most catchy pop songs ‘Get Stupid’.


She’s not just known for splitting up with Liam Payne, she also was formally a part of the greatest girl group since the Spice Girls; Girls Aloud. When the band parted ways but remained friends, Cheryl was the first to bring out solo music, collaborating with WILL.I.AM.

Niall Horan.

Every member of One Direction have had solo success too, but our favorite Irish lad has created his own unique sound which is not only smoothe but addictive too. Although we still miss 1D, we are forever grateful for ‘Too Much To Ask’.

Nick Jonas.

One thing was for sure when the Jonas Brothers split, that the trio would always remain close. After the ‘hiatus’ Nick pursued a solo career which not only showed off his abilities as a solo artist, but Nick has shown a much more manly and grown-up side,


We hope our epic playlist and guide help you to feel the positives that can come from a split. We may really miss each of these bands, but the solo music from the above artists makes everything worthwhile.

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Written by Niki

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