10 Times One Direction Made Us Smile


Here at Fuzzable. we love knowing we’ve made your day brighter. From reviewing the products you need the low down on, to crush alerts you could say we’re obsessed with making you smile. We know a particular 4 lads who bring more smiles than most, and that is our One Direction superstars. We’ve decided today to bring you the biggest smile, and do a list of all our favorite 1D reasons for smiling.

10)  That time Niall recognized his own music.

We do exactly the same to this song in all honesty.

9) That time the 1D boys became dolls.

You can still buy these on Amazon, but we had a Liam doll, and he still lives in our box of memories.


8) That one time they revived their judges houses audition.

They performed the Natalie Imbruglia classic trying to impress Simon Cowell at Judges Houses during their time on XFactor, and it was the first time the world got to see the band together. They revisited this for their last trip to BBC’s Live Lounge.


7) That time they released the best charity single ever.

The 1D boys have always helped whichever charities they can. So when asked they created the Red Nose Day single One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks). This song totally made us smile.

6) That time no one was sure what happened with those Koalas.

The world went into a frenzy when reports came out that Harry and Liam had contacted the STI through the grey fuzzy bears. Turns out that it was all taken out of context when Liam had made a joke about his new furry friends.

5) That time they released the best video ever – to the Best Song Ever.

This was a smash hit, and we cannot get over the lad’s dance break towards the end of the video – the storyboard was co-written by the bands BFF James Corden

4) That time 1D were cartooned.

You know you’ve made it when one of the biggest TV shows on the planet gives you a special guest role. Family Guy did this.

3) That time Louis became the CUTEST cat ever.

Our favorite thing to do is watch this video. Louis the accidental talking cat is everything.


2) Every single hug they share.

The love between these guys makes us smile every time.


1)When our love started.

It’s impossible to believe that just over 8 years ago, we didn’t know any one who could steal our hearts like Niall, make us laugh uncontrollably like Louis, appreciate dimples as much as we do Harry’s or whose voice moved us like Liams. So heres a look at their first auditions to see where our love began.


We hope this epic countdown has made you smile, we are all HUGE One Direction fans here at Fuzzable, so tweet us @Fuzzable and share your favorite moments.

Written by Niki

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