10 things you’ll only understand if your bad at replying


Hello, and welcome to Fuzzable. If your reading this post, you’ve probably got to reply to your mum about dinner plans last week. We can relate.
Here’s 10 things that only us, the community of people who never reply to messages will understand.

1) You like people, you love them thinking of you to message you, your always here to help everyone, but.. do they have to message you?

2) You have more unopened texts/dm’s on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, snaps and emails than pounds in your bank. (We have £62 in the bank and a total of 86 messages).

3) When someone messages you saying they’ll come over on this day, and your unaware until you check your message when they are sat here.. with you.. on that day specified.. a week after the message was recieved.

4) When people start to phone you instead of messaging. Admit it, you hate answering the phone even more.

5) Your group chat have all grown into adults since you last spoke to them. Your still in the group, but when did you get told that the youngest member was having a baby, and now that babys old enough to be in the chat.

6) People stop messaging as they know you won’t reply. Hang on, just because I’m bad at replying doesn’t mean you need to stop loving me.

7) You make a joke about being bad at replying on social media.. and everyone says ‘WE KNOW’. Even your aunties pet dogs nans uncle Jim replies.

8) People reply when you reply. And then it carries on, and you remember you should have just not opened the message.

9) You miss out on alot of social events as you don’t reply to messages and then the next thing you know your friends are off to a festival without you.

10) You’ve suddenly remembered whikst reading this list that you have a few important messages you need to reply to, but instead your going to check out more amazing content on Fuzzable, and your going to give us a follow on Twitter

Written by Niki

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