10 Things You May Not Know About Saffron Barker

Saffron Barker is the YouTube star whose taken the strictly dance floor by storm with  odds of 9/1 that she could win the whole show (she already has all of our votes here!). As dedicated fans of Saffrons (yes, we have our Saffy B merchandise on right now) we’d bring you 10 things you may not know (unless you are subscribed to her vlog channel as well as main).

Saffron is a broccoli fan.

Nando’s with a broccoli side, broccoli whilst on holiday in Miami, pretty much any meal Saff eats out, she has with the green trees. When her local Nando’s started doing broccoli as aside, she was majorly excited!

Saff has a lot of influencer pals.

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Soph, Jack Maynard, Hannah Renee, Oli White, Imogenation, DadVGirls, Roxxasaurus, Mikey Pearce, Lucy Flight and Jake Jamie are just some of Saffron’s buddies, but YouTuber and beauty babe Anastasia Kingsnorth is Saff’s very best pal.

She’s about to have a nephew any day!

Saffy could win an award for being the best auntie to brother Casey’s daughter Harlow, Saff always spoils her niece, takes her on adventures and spends plenty of quality time with the 2-year-old. However, Saffron is about to become the two time Auntie of the millennium as Casey and his partner Nicole is due to have their little man this month!

Disney Fan.

Saffron’s the first to admit that she is a Disney Addict. Her favourite ever movie(s) is Toy Story, and she’s even been lucky enough to go to the Toy Story 4 world premiere this summer! We’re not too jealous, we swear!

Forever 21 socks.

Saffron’s feet are known now for dancing, but fans of hers know that the thing she loves the most for them feet is a cute pair of Forever21 trainer socks. Every time she has a trip to America she socks up (or stocks).

Saff can sing.


She’s proven she can dance, but did you know before becoming the YouTuber we all know and love, she was actually in a girl band named Born2Blush. Check this video out to hear just how good Saff is.

Bottle Blonde?

Shes been hailed a blonde bombshell by the British press, however.. Saffron is actually  naturally medium brown. Looking gorgeous in both hair colours, we can’t decide which we prefer.

Hilarious Parents.


Her quick wit is amusing us all Saturday nights, but the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree when it comes to Saffron’s sense of humour. Her parents Wendy and Darren are often seen in videos always laughing or joking. Our favourite example of this by far is this video.

Primark Ranges

Primark doesn’t do many collaborations, as this is a global brand, who is one of the biggest high street stores around, but when they do they do with only the very best. Saff has had now two collections with Primark, and frankly, we’re still obsessed with the PJ’s from last winters collection – more details here 

She’s actually lovely.

Saffron was interviewed over on our sister site CelebMix about a charity event she was hosting, and word about the office is that she is as sweet and kind to speak to as she appears. Check it out here.

So there you go, 10 things about Saffron Barker you may not already know. Make sure to let us know what your favourite dance Saffron has performed on Strictly Come Dancing is by tweeting us @Fuzzable now.


Written by Niki

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