10 things we’ve wasted our time on in Lockdown

The U.K is approaching 4 weeks in ‘Lockdown’ meaning for all but our key workers, our lives have been put completely on hold and we are isolating and not leaving home. With an additional 3 week extension just added, we’ve decided to reflect on what we’ve wasted too much time on during lockdown so far. 


1) Watching TikToks

Honestly, we’ve lost count of how many ‘Bored in the house, in the house bored’ video’s we’ve seen, and how many different types of ‘make your own Starbucks’ hacks we’ve tried.


2) Researching 1D conspiracies about them reuniting.

The One Direction fandom has been well and truly alive these past weeks, and we admit it, we’ve also been checking hourly to find out if Zayn will ever refollow the lads back on social media.

3) Watching the Simpsons on Disney +.

With all the classic movies, old school Disney Channel series’s and even documentaries about the magic, we’ve been drawn back into the next episode of The Simpsons every freaking time.

4) Writing shopping lists for the weekly essential shop.

When someone announces they’ll be doing your houses essential food shop on a set day, you’ve literally spent most of the run up to the shopping trip adding different snacks and non -essential- essentials to the list right? We have until Tuesday to work out what snacks we need for the next week.

5) Cleaning.

Who would have known you can clean every inch of your home daily out of boredom. Mrs Hinch eat your heart out.

6) Eating.

With the snacks from the essential weekly shop, and Easter just gone, we may not be looking forward to summer as much as we should be. Our bikini body is looking like our Christmas body.

7) Rewatching favourite bands interviews.

Okay, so 2004 McFly interviews, One Directions best bits and Why Don’t We being cute for 20 minutes straight have been essential viewing. We have an issue.

8) Worrying.

On a serious note, the whole world feels dark, and what will be will be, however we can’t help but feel this scary feeling of uncertainty, and we have wasted most of the 3 weeks fearing every day.

9) Planning.

We confess, we’ve planned on decorating, getting dressed, going for an hour’s walk, gardening, trying to make banana bread, and video chatting our great aunts all lockdown, and none of our plans have come to anything. Yet.

10) Checking our families temperature.

Anyone else grab the thermometer as soon as their brother sneezes?


One thing that hasn’t been a waste of our time is following Fuzzable on Twitter, and you can too.

Stay safe and inside!


Written by Niki

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