10 Small 1st World Disappointments


Today we’ve created a list of 10 things that aren’t real issues in the grand scheme of life, but they sure do leave you feeling disappointed and can totally make any day feel a little less fabulous.

1) When you open a bag of sweets to find your favourite flavour has the least amount in.

Ever had a pack of Starburst and the packet is 90% orange sweets, and it feels like your favourite (strawberry here) just got forgotten.

2) When your expecting a parcel, the door knocks and it’s just a neighbour looking for their cat.

It’s happened a few too many times to us, and all we want is our Christmas jumper.

3) Hearing your favourite band on a music channel, the day after you’ve seen them live.

This hurts. As if PCD (post concert depression) isn’t enough, adding salt to a wound sucks.

4) 27th Decemeber.

You’ve had all the magic of Christmas, you’ve got 4 days until New Year’s eve, and you can still smell brussell sprouts.

5) When something goes on sale, just after you’ve brought it.

Spending money on anything and then you see the very next day that your purchase has just been reduced in price. It sucks. We’ve had this happen recently. We purchased some tickets to see AJ from Strictly Come Dancing on tour on Tuesday and today the tickets are on a black Friday sale. Marvellous.

6) When your headphones tangle in your bag. 

How does this even happen?

7) When you really have to put away that clothes mountain on your chair.

Admit it, you have a clean laundry pile in your room, which needs organising and putting away, but you’ve left it for a while. That realisation that it may topple if you don’t put it away asap is a pure disappointment.

8) Something looking better online.

We’ve all brought a new top online, it comes and it just doesn’t look the way you imagined it to. It’s kinda like a mini heart break.

9) Your alarm clock telling you how long it is until it goes off.

Setting your phone alarm is one of lifes daily nessceities, but to be told ‘Your alarm is set for 5 hours and 42 minutes’ is gut wrenching.

10) Realising your not following us on social media.

Fear not, we have a solution for this issue. For all the latest of everything from fashion and beauty, to lifestyle and fun you can easily follow Fuzzable on Twitter and Instagram.

Written by Niki

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