10 Simple Secrets To Being Happy

If you want to be happy, then know that being happy starts with you and below are nine secrets to being happy and in good spirit every other day.

Eat A ‘Primal’ Diet

A ‘primal’ diet is mostly made up of foods that humans have been eating since their existence on earth; these are things that we have evolved to eat, and studies have shown to be ideal for supporting good health. In short, you should eat more veggies, fruits, nuts, fish, meat, and eggs; these will have you feeling energized and in good spirits. Eating a primal diet will also lower the risk of health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, stroke and heart disease. Go ‘primal’ in your food choices, and it will see you evade the noose of the dietary misinformation due to distorted marketing hype.

Eat Mindfully

The many demands of this face-paced world can easily have you distracted and not mindful of what you eat, and you will be shoveling in more food than required. Moreover, the unchecked food binging can have you miss out on amazing culinary delights. Pay attention to what you consume, and you will never stray from maintaining a healthy you. Do not eat when distracted. Also, take your time to savor the flavors; eat slow, chew your food properly and this will also help support better digestion.

Keep Hydrated

The body is more than 80% water, and this is meant to, support a plethora of body functions such as cleansing the detoxification, regulating body temperatures, cell formation, and distribution of nutrients among others. As such, staying hydrated is essential. Dehydration can lead to lower energy levels and mental alertness that can have a negative impact on your moods. Check your urine, and if it is a light, pale yellow or nearly clear over the course of the day, then everything is okay. If not, then take water; drink about 8 – 12 glasses of water daily.

Do Resistance Exercise

Resistance workouts are ideal for maintaining muscle mass, and overall body strength. Such gains increase stability thereby reducing the risk of falling and disability. Squats, press-ups, sit-ups, stretches and yoga are some of the resistance exercises you can do at home. Get two or three dumbbells and a Dyna-Band to help enhance the workouts.

Walk regularly

Walking is a low-impact workout that is uncomplicated yet with significant benefits. It is a form of aerobic exercise that you can do daily and at varying intensities. It is good for your physical, mental, and emotional health.  A brisk walk of around thirty minutes every day will have you in excellent moods.

Get Plenty Of Sunlight

The summers come with plenty of sun and are an ideal time to soak up as much sun as possible. The sun is a natural source of vitamin D which is good for your skin and other health benefits such as improving the immune system and reducing the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer and multiple sclerosis. The ideal time to soak up plenty of vitamin D when the sun is at its highest, which is when your shadow is very short. And remember to use some sunscreen to help protect yourself from the harmful effect of the sun.

Counter The Cold Of Winter

The drab chilly conditions during winters can have us in dark moods. The outside is cold with little to no sun. You can counter the dreary state of things by investing in a sunlight-simulating gadget or any other device that will help you warm up and be in high spirits during the cold months.

Practice Random Acts Of Kindness

Give, and you shall receive. Random acts of kindness are beneficial to the giver and receiver. Show people some consideration and compassion by offering your help or assistance where you can, and this will give you an inner sense of joy and fulfillment. It can be simple things such as giving up your seat on the bus, calling a friend or relative you have lost touch with, stopping for pedestrians to cross, or giving way for a fellow motorist.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is a beauty remedy. It also plays a significant role in staying fit, healthy and in good moods. Get enough rest, and you will optimize your physical energies and mental capacities while reducing the risk of chronic health problems. Get around eight hours of sleep, and you also will be increasing your longevity. The strategy is simple, adjust your schedule so that you can go to bed early, at 10 pm the latest. Turn off the TV and the lights as well as any other things that may act as distractions that prevent you from falling asleep.


If your unhappiness lasts for a long period of time, then maybe you should see the help of a professional. You may wonder what is the cost to see a psychiatrist? Well, it’s not as much as you’d think and you have to wonder if you can put a price on happiness? I don’t think you can.

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