12 Feel Good Chick Flicks You Need To Watch

With winter well and truly here, theres no better way to warm your sole then a good chick flick. Whether its to make you laugh, cry or fall in love it’s essential to have a night in every once in a while and indulge. We’ve created a list of our 10 must see chick flicks that you can either watch for the first time, or just relive a classic.

Mean Girls– Some may say this is Lindsay Lohans greatest film, and we happen to agree. If you haven’t seen Mean Girls before (have you been living under a rock?) then it’s a film set in a highschool, and it’s all about the rise and fall of the popular group (the plastics). A whole lotta laughs, a bit of romance and some crazy halloween outfits. A true classic chick flick.

House Bunny- This film needs more hype. Anna Faris stars as Playboy Bunny Shelly in this crazy comedy all about finding yourself. Although this film does centre around a Playboy model, theres not any nudity, just a whole lot of laughs. Plus theres a few cameo’s from the late Hugh Heffner.

A Cinderella Story– Again, another chick flick classic. Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray star in this modern twist of a fairytale classic. Theres no shortage of laughs in the film, but do expect a lot of tears too. Oh and Busted are on the soundtrack, so what more could you need.

High School Musical 2- Pretty much everyone has seen the HSM trillogy, but this is our favourite. Whether its because Zac Efron gets shirtless alot, the powerful breakup songs Gabriella sings, the cute Troy and Gabriella scenes in the music room, or the fact we see even more of Sharpay’s sass and fabulous lifestyle. Its just the best film ever.

PS I love you- TEAR JERKER ALERT. This is the most emotional film of all time. It’s all about a lady named Holly who sadly loses the love of her life Gerry to cancer. Gerry leaves Holly a trail of love letters to help her get over his passing. Its also great to note that Gerard Butler’s irish accent is incredibly hot. This film is based on the Cecelia Ahern novel of the same name. (Also an incredible read)

Bridesmaids- If your looking for a film about friendship and that will make your tummy hurt with laughter, Bridesmaids is the very best film for you. Kirsten Wiig stars as Annie, the head bridesmaid to her long time best friend Lillian, however Annie is struggling to find her place in the world. A few jealous fights, a whole lot of comedy and some incredible one liners. This films PERFECT.

Love, Rosie- Another Cecelia Ahern book turned movie (you need to also read the book, its honestly one of the best reads ever) Lilly Collins stars as Rosie, and Sam Claffin as Alex, two life long best friends who are eachothers one true loves, but life just gets in the way. A hillarious but romantic story which shows the journey of these two hearts who need to get together!

Me Before You- Another Sam Claffin starring fim. This movie tells the story of Will; a rich sucessful and handsome man who has a horrific accident and is left palalised. Lou is a woman whose simply trying to just get by, when the two meet Lou wants to make Will see the good in the world and Will hopes to show her that getting by isn’t the same as planning her future. You will need a box of tissues for this film.

13 going on 30– When your 13, you wish to be older. It’s a part of life, you don’t want to be seen as a child an more, you just want to be an adult and live life your own way. This movie shows exactly why you need to be careful with what you wish for. Also look out for the best ‘Thriller’ flash mob in movie history.

Legally Blonde- Don’t underestimate Elle Woods. Elle is your stereotypical ‘bimbo’. She’s rich, loves pink, drives around in her convertable and has a pet chihuahua Bruiser. This film centres on breaking the mould as after a heart break Elle decides to become a Lawyer. Think fun, pink and a whole lot of ‘snaps and claps’.

Just My Luck- Chris Pine and Lindsay Lohan star as polar opposites in this 2006 chick flick. Jake is the worlds most unlucky guy around, he’s broke, living in NYC and can’t get the band he manages (McFly) the big break he promised. Ashley is the luckiest girl alive, A-List parties, winning every lotto card ever, hellicopter rides the lot. Then, a twist in fate see’s their paths collide, luck swap and well the rest is history. Watch this to see some dodgy acting from Tom Fletcher, it’s worth it.

17 Again- Zac Efron stars in his first non singing and dancing movie as a young Mike. Mike was a 37 year old divorcee whose struggling with coming to terms with the single life.He’s a bit of a dead beat dad, and living on his friends couch. When the world takes a crazy turn, Mike turns into his 17 year old self, and ultimately learns how to re-write his future by seeing the world through his 17 year old self’s eyes.

We hope our list of the 12 best chick flicks gives you something to go and snuggle up in a blanket and watch to chase away the winter blues. We’re always looking for new chick flicks to watch, so if you have any reccomendations be sure to tweet us your suggestions @fuzzable.

Written by Niki

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