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10 Celebrities Who Love Animal Crossing As Much As You

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taken over the video game world since its launch in March 2020. With the first AC game having released in 2001, fans have really grown up with the franchise. From its days on the Nintendo 64 and DS to the Wii and 3DS, AC has finally found its new home on the Nintendo Switch. To give you an idea of how big the hype surrounding the latest game was, Nintendo released a special Animal Crossing Switch Console for pre-order, which sold out before the game even released.

People of all ages have fallen in love with New Horizons. The everyday nature of the game makes it easy for players to go at their own pace, so whether they enjoy playing for hours or even just 30 minutes a day, the game is perfect for everyone.

Celebrities have also jumped on the bandwagon. Many of them have expressed their love for AC on social media and some have even gone so far as to play the game with fans.

To see which of your fave celebs love Animal Crossing, take a look at our list below.

1. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen‘s Twitter is filled with AC content. From catching fishes and spiders to participating in the Bunny Day event, Teigen has experienced it all with fans.

2. Brie Larson

While many are just discovering AC for the first time, Larson has followed the franchise ever since she was a kid. “It was such a huge deal,” she told Elle in a March interview. “Me and my sister and my mom created a rule that whoever finished their homework first got to play first, so we would blast through it.”

When New Horizons came out in March, Larson knew she just had to get it and she even showed off her AC merchandise on Instagram. “Already obsessed with #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons! I’ve missed Tom Nook so much! ? If you are looking for sweet ways to spend time at home, I highly recommend you grab your #NintendoSwitch and escape to your own island getaway? Now, who has iron nuggets they can give me?” she wrote.

3. Elijah Wood

If you ever wondered if your fave celebs lurk on Twitter, the answer is yes! One AC player tweeted out their turnip prices and to their surprise, Elijah Wood visited their island. According to the fan’s tweets, Wood was such a polite guest.

4. Dylan Sprouse

Sprouse revealed he’s quarantining with his girlfriend Barbara Palvin, and to pass the time indoors, they’re playing video games. “Well, the new Animal Crossing came out, so we’re playing a lot of Crossing and catching up on all the shows we missed this year,” Sprouse told Cosmopolitan in a March interview.

5. Cole Sprouse

As it turns out, Dylan’s brother, Cole, is also a huge fan of the game. After asking fans on Twitter if they had high turnip prices, he actually visited one of their islands to do some selling.

6. Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus

Mark Hoppus loves the game so much he even had a custom amiibo made of his likeness. Now that’s dedication!

7. Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo has also gotten in on the fun and it seems he’s looking for friends to visit their islands.

8. Guy Fieri

Can you guess what Guy Fieri’s island is called? Flavortown, of course!


In her free time, BLACKPINK’s Lisa also likes to play AC, and when she gets together with ex I.O.I member Somi, they play together. In the video below, you can see Lisa’s surprised reaction when she caught a huge fish worth thousands of bells.

10. 5SOS’ Michael Clifford

Fans of 5 Seconds of Summer should keep their eyes on Michael Clifford’s Twitter because it seems he’s thinking about inviting others to his island soon.

Those were just 10 celebs who’ve played the game, but we’re sure there’s many more because with everyone being in quarantine, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the perfect way to pass time at home.

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