Fuzzable Blogs: March 15 – What if we only had 1 year to live

1 Year to live…

What if we only have 1 year to live?

The reason why I’m thinking of this is because I was told that Stefan Karl only has only 10 – 12 months left due to his cancer and despite it being really sad news, it also made me think about the situation in hand.

What if we only have 1 year to live?

I asked this question to a few of my online friends over on social media and the results were really odd.

Some of the answers were decent like being with family and friends, but one of them told me that they want to ‘embrace total hedonism’, others took the wild party approach, and some were still puzzled since they haven’t thought about it.

Its scenarios like this that some what intrigues me since its something we rarely think about, especially in such a young age. And why would you? You have so much to live for, why worry about sudden end of your life when you have other things to think about?

It’s because we don’t know how long we have left in this planet.

Sometimes, we waste our lives doing meaningless activities or worrying about things that we shouldn’t be worrying about. And despite that statement being easier said than done, just thinking about this what if scenario just helps put things in perspective.

What if we only do have one year to live our lives? How would we spend it based on our current circumstances? Who would we spend it with? What if money and ethics wasn’t an issue, would that change how we would spend our final hours?

The answer is simple: It’s up to you

“It’s up to you”

The responses I’ve received from my friends were indeed odd but its something they’d want to do since they only have 8760 hours remaining in their lives (plus they’re young so of course they’d want to do those things). It is up to you on how you want to live your life, no matter how long or short your time on Earth may be.

So what would I do if I only have 1 year left?

Like any other human, I would like to travel the world, see what’s outside my backyard, meet my heroes if lucky and see where it goes.

The fun in this is the uncertainty, the fear, and the challenge when presented with this question as we’re unsure if this situation will happen to us now or in plenty or few years time. There are no right answers to questions like this, and there are no right answers to how to live our life.

So best advice, if we are at the point where we only have 1 year to live, just make it up as we go like always.

So answer me this, what would you do if you only have 1 year to live?

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