One year of Pentatonix’s cover of Imagine

Here at Fuzzable we accept people of any race, gender, shape, size and sexuality. We are all human. This is the message that late Beatle and musical legend, John Lennon wanted to spread throughout his career and he certainly did with his groundbreaking song, “Imagine”

We have all heard the song, the beautiful lyrics and visualy moving music video made this song one of Lennon’s most famous records. One that many people still quote, cover and reminisce over today.

Lennon released this song in 1971 before his tragic death in 1980. Many people have covered his beautiful record and has stuck by the “true to life” meaning. Artists such as; Coldplay, Avril Lavigne and Ricky Ficarelli. One particular artist covered this song one year ago. This band literally took Lennon’s meaning and showed what he wanted the world to see. That we are all human, no matter what race, gender, sex or religion. This band was billboard top 100, Grammy award winning acapella sensations Pentatonix

The whole idea of having the song in a cappella is Wonderful, almost as if this quintet were singing to Lennon himself, it started with a shot of the five singers in a dark room, only with a table with markers and white cue cards as former bass Avi Kaplan; shares his smooth vocals to the first verse, as soon as he sings “Imagine there’s no heaven” we are immediately taken into Lennon’s world and know we are going to be in for a treat.

As more people sing, tennor, Mitch Grassi reaches for the first card begins writing, when it’s his turn to sing “Imagine all possessions” he holds up a sign which reads “LGBTQ+” and passes it to best friend and band mate Scott Hoying, he follows by turning over the sign for it to read “man” this here signifies that they are both members and supporters of the LBGTQ+ Community. Hoying then passes his sign to Kaplan, where he turns to reveal he has written “Jewish” then turns the sign again to reveal it says “American”. Once the sign is passed to beatboxer, Kevin Olusola he holds up his sign that states “black” followed by “Christian” as it is turned over. Finally Mezzo soprano, Kirstin Maldonado shows her sign that reads “Latina” and “woman” in time for her  for the line “and the world will live as one”

Once all the signs are shown, audiences are treated to a blissful bridge of the line “live as one” until the screen goes black. Kevin surprises the audience by singing the final verse, which is a treat to fans as the talented beat boxer never normally gets to show off his vocal talent and it is extra special that he got to do this on such a wonderful song, as he sings he walks to the table with the que cards, followed by each member. Standing in a line audiences are curious to what they may be writing, stunningly each member turned over their cards and which spelled out the word “HUMAN”.

The reason why this cover was extra special is that, the band itself is so diverse having each member having a different “label” having them smartly use who they are and showing that they are all equal people perfectly shows Lennon’s meaning to why the world should “live as one” in today’s society we are living in a world which is full of hatred and discrimination, it is hard to see past all the negativity and sadness that is filling the air. Sometimes we need to be shown that people of all different races, genders, sexuality’s and religions CAN work together and do something beautiful and that we all human beings.

We are sure today that John Lennon, is looking down still within for change in the world, he has certainly left a beautiful message and song behind for this generation and future generations to come. We won’t get there tomorrow, but within time, patience, peace, love and acceptance. We might be soon on the right track.

Rest In Peace, John

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Written by Kay Simpson

I love to write, sing, act, binge watch YouTube Videos. I am a MASSIVE gamerI’m just your average 21 year old who wants to write and have fun

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